Book cover example imageIf you are a self published or Independent author and you need a creative and professionally designed book cover, or a book cover using custom illustrations, then these are the services for you.

Book Cover Design – $100.00 US:

Using the materials you provide (such as photos, bios, illustrations, background images, book descriptions, etc.) or working with you to create covers from scratch, Greg Banks will design a custom-made, ready to publish book cover that best accentuates and shows off your book. The covers, upon final approval by customer, will be provided in print-ready format.

Custom Book Cover Illustration – $225.00

If, on the other hand, you need the ultimate in book cover design, an illustrative piece of artwork created specifically for your book, then Greg Banks will create an illustration that brings the contents of your book to life and showcases it in a way that will catch the eye and capture the imagination of your potential readers. You will be involved in the entire process of the cover’s design, and your ideas and input are not only welcomed, but encouraged and even asked for.Book cover example image

He can design covers to meet virtually any printer, publisher, or Print-on-Demand company’s needs. Just let him know who you are working with before we start work.

See his book cover design portfolio here.

And see his illustration portfolio here.

Please email me at “the ‘DOT’ sp ‘DOT’ guru  ‘AT’ gmail ‘DOT’ com” for further inquiries.