Sanity's Edge book cover

Sanity’s Edge – Price: $0.99 US

Years after a brutal assault leaves Ann with both physical and mental scars, she seeks help through an amazing new technology developed by a doctor and long-time friend. But when she begins having nightmares even more terrifying than before, she finds that her life may be in danger as her sanity teeters on the edge of total collapse.

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The Cripple’s Avatar – Price: $0.99 US

An L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest Semi-Finalist (2004) under the title, “Avatar”

Carver’s wish to escape his frail, crippled body comes true when a doctor’s controversial process allows him to copy his soul into a new body. But will Carver’s dream turn into a nightmare, or will he finally get to live life and find love, like a “normal” human being.

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Cover for Law of the Land

Law of the Land – Price: $0.99 US

What happens when conflict resolution involves legally sanctioned violence?

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