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Sharknado: Beginning of the Idiocracy

The below commentary was originally posted on my previous blog back in 2013. With Sharknado 5 about to premiere in 6 days, my review of the first film in the cheesy-fun franchise seems relevant. Given the current state of things… Continue Reading →

My Paranormal Fear of Ouija Boards

Ouija Boards Are or For Suckers Or rather, they are for people stupid enough to mess with them. If you’ve ever watched films like the appropriately titled, “Ouija”, or the latest Ouija board cautionary tale, “Nocturne” (the 2017 film, not… Continue Reading →

And A Writer Is Reborn

The Beginning of the Story It was over 21 years ago, January 1st, 1996, I believe, when I first made the conscious choice to pursue a career as a writer. From that very first moment, I knew that I wanted… Continue Reading →

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